Nightmare on Elm Street

Fun Facts:

Do you know how many Nightmare on Elm Street movies there are ?

Nine films! The franchise titled A Nightmare on Elm Street, consists of American supernatural slasher-horror installments, including a television series, novels, comic books, and various other media.

Did you know Freddy Krueger also appeared in the horror spoof film Stan Helsing making? Taking the tally of films to 10 film!

More fun facts:

Did you know that the basis for the original Nightmare on Elm Street has been said to have been inspired by several newspaper articles printed in the LA Times in the 1970s?

On a group of Khmer refugees, who, after fleeing to America from Cambodia, were suffering disturbing nightmares after which they refused to sleep. Some of the men died in their sleep soon after. Medical authorities called the phenomenon "Asian Death Syndrome". The condition itself afflicted only men, is believed to be sudden unexplained death syndrome and/or Brugada syndrome.

Did you know (By Craven's account), his own adolescent experiences led to the naming of Fred Krueger?  He had been bullied at school by a child named Fred Krueger, and named his villain accordingly. 


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