Stranger Things - Season 4 ELEVEN Powered Mini Epics Figure by WETA Workshop

WETA Workshop

SKU: WETA73904


The figure is 1:10 scale measures 6" Tall and is a Limited Edition packaged in a beautiful display box.   

Weta Workshop MINI EPICS: cool and quirky vinyl figures from the world of film, television, gaming, and beyond!

MINI EPICS; Super-stylised and ultra-expressive, this cast of characters was created by Weta Workshop's collectibles team, a dedicated crew of artists, technicians, craftspeople, and producers, all relishing the chance to distil oodles of personality into a small EPIC package.

The results speak for themselves. That knowing sparkle in those eyes; you didn't think it got there by accident, do you? Tilt your head a little to the left and you might just catch a wink.

Endlessly collectible. Totally adorable. These pint-sized figures have BIG personalities.


When Hawkins is facing its biggest threat yet, Eleven goes to a top-secret lab to get her powers back. While she’s no stranger to the haptic suit, these experiments are unlike anything she’s done before. Eleven will do whatever it takes to protect her friends, even if it means facing her past and pushing her powers to the limit.

Inspired by her courage, our MINI EPICS team have lent all the aid they can muster for the upcoming fight and came up with this EPIC collectible.

Product Features:

  • Premium, stylised vinyl figure
  • Wearing a haptic suit as seen in the 4th season of Stranger Things
  • Neural helmet for increased psychic damage
  • Sculpted by Wētā Workshop 3D Sculptor, Jorgelina Yeme.

“The first thing Mauro and I do is sit down to come up with a concept that truly captures the soul of the character. We want each pose to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and love for the individual characteristics of the MINI EPICS – to speak to you on a level that adds to your experience of the film.”

- Jorgelina Yeme, Mini Epics 3D sculptor