Simpsons - ULTIMATES! Wave Deep Space Homer Action Figure by Super 7

Super 7


The Simpsons have arrived as a new line of Ultimates figures from Super7. 

Inspired by The Simpsons episode “Deep Space Homer,” this made-to-order 7 inch fully articulated ULTIMATES! figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands, and a variety of accessories - including the inanimate carbon rodUltimates! details matter, and the more the merrier. That’s why the Ultimates are made-to-order figures that come with a huge assortment of extra features—making them the most exceptionally intricate expressions of the character that we can possibly make, no matter how many extra faces it takes to get there.

  • 7-inch scale (17.78cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Super articulated
  • Deluxe packaging
  • Based on The Simpsons

Box Contents of the figure

  • Deep Space Homer figure
    • 2 alternate heads
    • 2 alternate pairs of hands
    • Space helmet
    • Bag of potato chips
    • Potato chips
    • Inanimate carbon rod (glows in the dark)
    • Experimental ant colony