LEGO Super Heroes - Beware The Vulture



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Emergency. Call Spider-Man on his smartphone and then team him up with Iron Man as they chase down the shocker’s van. Dodge the van’s six stud rapid shooter and return fire with Spider-Man’s power blasts. But watch out - vulture is flying in and firing the stud shooters from his powerful wings. Launch into battle with Iron Man's boosters and surprise The shocker by swinging onto his van with Spider-Man's web string. Can you capture these two dangerous villains and recover the stolen tech egg? Includes four minifigures: Spider-Man, Vulture, Iron Man and The Shocker The Shocker's van opens up for easy play and includes a mounted, adjustable 6-stud rapid shooter, 2 opening crates (1 with the buildable stolen tech egg and 1 with ammo) and a buildable rifle, plus a minifigure driver's cabin with lift-off roof Vulture's wings are attachable to the Vulture minifigure and feature 2 detachable stud shooters (which can also be held by a minifigure) Weapons include Spider-Man's 3 Power Blasts and The Shocker's 2 power fists Accessory elements include Spider-Man's smartphone, web and web string and Iron Man's boosters for his feet and hands