PREDATOR - 30th anniversary 7-inch set of 7 individually boxed Action Figures by NECA


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The original Predator film is now 30+ years old! It was released on June 12, in 1987. The movie became a near instant cult classic that seems to gain a much larger following each year. The original film, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger at Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, featured an instantly iconic cast of characters. In Predator, a team of commandos are sent on a mission to a Central American jungle. While in the midst of their task, they encounter a seemingly invisible hunter who picks them off one at a time. As each member of the team is lost, it comes down to a blood soaked confrontation between Dutch and the Predator. While there have been multiple sequels and crossovers with the Alien franchise, the original Predator has stood out as the best of the series by far and remains required viewing for action and science fiction film fans.

Jungle Disguise Dutch: Comes with torch, spear, bow and arrows.
Jungle Encounter Dutch: Comes with M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol and knife.
Jungle Extraction Dutch: Comes with M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol, machete and knife.
Jungle Patrol Dutch: Comes with M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol and knife.
Jungle Demon: Comes with removable backpack.
Jungle Hunter Masked (Prototype): Comes with removable backpack, bloody skull and spine.
Jungle Hunter Unmasked: Comes with removable backpack, skull and spine.