KISS Band - SET of 4-pcs Deluxe Face Masks by Trick or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios





Sculpted by James Muscarello

Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the officially licensed KISS - Set of 4-pcs (Demon, Spaceman, Catman & Starchild)  Deluxe Injection Massk. This deluxe face mask is made of rigid plastic sculpted and painted to look exactly like KISS on stage! The mask has an elastic strap to comfortably hold it in place with a styled wig attached to the mask for full coverage and easy wear.

These are fully wearable and are offered separately on other listings. We are offering the set of 4-pcs as our collectors want to set up all four on the wall as a collectors' set to display. In addition, purchasing all 4 as a set will reduce shipping costs.


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Approximately 9" tall & 8" wide