Ban Bao Peanuts Building Sets

Ban Bao Peanuts Building Sets

It's time!  Starting since July 2017, the PEANUTS series is available. Since the first day that BanBao and the Peanuts family came into contact with each other there was a click. Snoopy is a phenomenon all over the world and it was therefore great to build a Snoopy toy world of toy stores. Snoopy came to life in 1950 when Charles M. Schulz published his comics with the name of Peanuts. Since the release of the comics, Snoopy has been a successful success. 

Snoopy is an imaginative dog who loves to live in his own world. Thus he experiences many adventures with his boyfriends Shermy and Patty, but also Charly Brown, Lucy Pelt, Sally Brown, of course, belong. Meet the BanBao Snoopy toy line.

The unique Peanuts toy line consists of over 30 different toy boxes.

Banbao allows children of every age group to be introduced to toys that let them chase their dreams and which will contribute to their educational development. The themes created are in sync with children's realm of thought and challenges children to explore the boundaries of their own creativity.

Banbao Blocks: These building blocks are larger in size; they are suitable for ages 3 to 5.

BanBao Bricks: These building blocks are smaller in size and are suited to ages 5-14.