G.I. Joe - Johnny REB Army of Northern VA Civil War 1:6th Scale Action Figure


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Hasbro salutes the Civil War with this highly detailed Confederate Soldier. According to Hasbro, equipment includes "early pattern forage cap marked with an infantry horn and company initial. His shell jacket reflects a cut-down look that was popular with both North and South. The brownish tint of his jacket demonstrates the resourcefulness of his supply depot in using a dye of ferrous sulfate and crushed walnut husks.

On his right shoulder he wears a plain cloth haversack for his ration and a cedar canteen for water. On the left shoulder he wears a leather cartridge box nearly identical, except in color, to the Northern issue. Although this soldier wears a captured U.S. waistbelt to hold his bayonet and cap box; he wears the initials inverted as a sign of disrespect. Other items include his suspender-held blue trousers and socks and his precious brogan footwear is of Southern origin.