Marvel - Black Panther 4 piece Gift Tin by PEZ

Pez Candy

SKU: PEZ 955450

  • Marvel The Black Panther Gift Tin – The Marvel: Black Panther Gift Tin features four PEZ Dispenser Black Panther, Shuri, Purple Black Panther, and Okoye.
  • Candy Refills Included- Each Black Panther Gift Tin includes one six pack PEZ Candy Refills. PEZ Candy is made in the U.S.A. and is peanut, tree nut & gluten-free. For Ages 3 & up.
  • Collectible Tin- The back of the gift tin features Black Panther graphics perfect for display!

In 1935 a new PEZ candy factory is built in Czechoslovakia to manufacture the candy on a larger scale. In 1948 the compressed sugar tablets are sold in small pocket sized tins until inventor Oscar Uxa patents a small mechanical box for dispensing the tablets. In 1956, PEZ introduces an innovated dispenser called the space gun. 1957, PEZ adds a three dimensional character head to the top of a dispenser. The Halloween Witch becomes the traditional character head dispenser in 1957, while Popeye adds to the variety as the first licensed character in 1958. During the 1960's, PEZ continues to bring a new dimension to the dispenser base with sticker and die-cuts. PEZ showcases some rare and unusual candy flavors, such as Licorice, Flowers, and Chlorophyll.