Gremlins Movie - GIZMO & STRIPE Set of 2-pieces Reaction Figures by Super 7

Super 7



                                             UNPUNCHED CARDS

Good news Gremlins fans! Super7 has come up with a way to get around those pesky rules about owning a Mogwai! With the new Gremlins ReAction Figures of Gizmo and Stripe, you don’t have to stress about not feeding them after midnight, getting them wet, or exposing them to sunlight! You can add the Gremlins ReAction Figures to your collection and not have to worry about them running amok in your home!


Circular-saw blade

3d Glasses

Billy’s pet Mogwai Gizmo is just as sweet and good-natured as it is adorable! This 3.75” scale, articulated Gremlins ReAction Figure of Gizmo is every bit as cute as you remember and comes with 3D glasses accessory. You’ve probably wanted to bring Gizmo home ever since you first saw the movie and now you finally have your chance, with this Gremlins ReAction Figure! 

Even when he was a cute Mogwai, Stripe was up to no good. Now that he’s transformed into a Gremlin, there’s no telling what havoc he will unleash! This 3.75” scale, articulated Gremlins ReAction Figure of Stripe comes with circular-saw blade accessory and leaves little doubt as to his devious, mischievous nature. Fortunately, the Gremlins ReAction Figure of Stripe is a LOT less prone to causing chaos than his movie counterpart!

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3¾ action figure of our childhood. The iconic size and sculpting style was simple while allowing our imagination to go all in on our daily adventures. With ReAction Figures, we continue the classic size while making the figures we wished we had while growing up.