Disney Designer Collection - Miss Mindy Presents Little Mermaid Vinyl Figurine by Enesco D56


SKU: 6001673

  • Part of series 1 in miss mindy's designer vinyl collection - collect them all
  • Unique tripod design with vibrant color details
  • Dingle hopper (fork) accessory piece comes in box for added value
  • Beautifully packaged in branded color window box suitable for display
  • Ariel stands 7" Tall

About the World of Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy's world is a circus of the unexpected, where the world of the faerie and candy-coated folk frolic and play. Her fanciful realm is filled to the brim with storybook favorites and brand new characters straight from Miss Mindy's imagination! Her collection of Disney figurines combines the magic of Disney with Miss Mindy's unique design twist. Her cartoon folk art style brings a whimsical and fresh interpretation to Disney's most beloved characters, and a new way to enjoy Disney's timeless favorites.

About Miss Mindy

Miss Mindy’s ‘Cartoon Folk Art’ ranges from fluid ink drawings and paintings, to her fabulously handcrafted sculptures. She is also a sought-after toy making aficionado, specializing in her one of a kind creations, and customizing vinyl toys. Miss Mindy inherited her knack for art from her grandmother, who was an ink and painter for the Walt Disney Studios in the ‘30’s and ‘40's, working on animated classics like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Pinocchio".