James Bond - GOLDFINGER 60's Version Aston Martin DB5 1:46 Scale Die-Cast Display Model by Corgi


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Pay attention 007! Indisputably the most famous Corgi product release of all time, the 60s version of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger a feature packed replica worthy of Q Branch.


Featuring rotating number plates, a retractable bullet proof rear shield, extending front over-riders, pop out machine guns, and, of course, a functioning passenger ejector seat, this new version of the all-time classic model is now being produced in the original packaging from the very first Corgi No. 261 release from 1965, including a set of instructions hidden in a secret compartment. Both an iconic car and an iconic toy, the new 60s James Bond DB5 from ‘Goldfinger’ is the most exacting replica of the original classic available.

This 007 model is 5" long and the figure on the left side is the "bad guy" who is being ejected out of the vehicle. There is no figure behind the steering wheel.

  • Corgi is a premier line of highly detailed die cast products that has been around for over 50 years and features aircraft, space crafts, tanks, trucks, emergency vehicles and buses.