Simpsons - Officer MARGE SERIES 7 Figure by Playmates Toys

Playmates Toys

SKU: PLMT99236

Officer marge simpson the simpsons series 7 world of springfield interactive action figure. welcome to springfield, usa - the town that put the "fun" in dysfunctional! whether enjoying the shotgun sociIility of moe's tavern, a creamed cornsicle at the springfield retirement castle, the gene-altering radiance of the springfield nuclear power plant, or the warm perspiration of a kwik-e-mart heat-lamp dog, you'll always feel special in springfield - the town america call "shIby"! so please visit us here in springfield, where - compared to us - you're royalty.
Figures stand approximatetly 5 inches tall. features intelli-tronic voice activation -just move them around any compatible world of springfield interactive environment (sold seperately) to hear them talk.