Gumby - 1950s Collector's Edition Super-Flex Retro Gumby & Pokey Bendables Boxed Set

NJ Croce

SKU: GP 125

This boxed set featuring Gumby and Pokey is modeled after the claymation puppets used to animate the iconic 1950s childrens series, The Gumby Show. This 1950s Collectors Edition boxed set is the first of its kind! Creator Art Clokey refused to merchandise Gumby in the 1950s, but after receiving thousands of letters from fans begging for Gumby toys, Art relented and in 1964 the first Gumby toys, modeled after the puppets in the 60’s episodes, were released.

Now, for the first time, in celebration of Gumby's 60th anniversary, these bendable, posable figures match the shape and color of the puppets in the earliest Gumby episodes in the 1950’s. Pokey has been re-colored to match his appearance in the original TV series as well. These collectable figures are made of PVC material. Each figure is washable. Wash by hand with mild soap and water, then air dry.

  • Age: 3 and Up
  • 100% Officially licensed
  • High Quality
  • 6.5" Tall
  • Bendable Rubber
  • Based off of the 1950's style characters
  • Collectors edition boxed set