Batman - Dark Knight (Joker Poster) Acrylic LightCell SALE

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Batman Dark Knight (Joker Poster) Acrylic LightCell

An amazing collectible from the hit The Dark Knight movie! Display piece features lighted frame with 2 pieces of 35mm film from the movie. A limited edition of 500 pieces! One of the most eerie and yet talented performances, Heath Ledger, along with Christopher Nolan, brought forth an instant classic portrayal of Good vs. Evil in The Dark Knight . Now, you can relive not only the infamous character, but the widely renowned story that is The Dark Knight , with this rare LightCell - a limited edition of 500 pieces! This LightCell is a translucent yet vibrant acrylic film print that boasts 2 clips of 35mm film from the movie. This modern collector's item is truly a piece of art. The elegant frame and vibrant print shine when the frame is switched on. This amazing LightCell is incredibly durable, and is scratch, UV, and water resistant, and comes with a power adapter along with LED lamp that features a life of 30,000 hours. The image has been permanently fused to the polymeric print, which measures 14-inches tall x 10-inches wide, within a frame that measures 16-inches tall x 12 1/2-inches wide. This beautiful display piece can be set up for table top display, or even wall mounted with the included pins. It's a can't-miss collectible for fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman movie trilogy!