Copy of They Live - Exclusive Male Ghoul and Female Ghoul Set of 2 pcs 3 3/3" ReAction Figures by Super 7



                                     UNPUNCHED CARDS


EXCLUSIVE - They come with accessories on a limited edition subliminal messaging cardback!

Upon its release in 1988, They Live proved to be a quiet success, and even scored the #1 spot on the box office charts the weekend of November 4th. It has since become a cult classic, and is often considered one of John Carpenter's better movies. Now, you can own a piece of this sci-fi stunner when Super7 releases some very cool action figures based on the movie later next week.

Super7 has decided to celebrate the legacy of John Carpenter's They Live with two retro-style action figures. 

Included in Super7's They Live collection are the 'Male Ghoul' and the 'Female Ghoul', as seen when Nada puts on his special sunglasses. Each action figure stands at 3.75", and both come with various accessories. The Male Ghoul comes with a newspaper that boldly proclaims, 'Obey'. And he also has a brief case. The Female Ghoul comes with a purse. The sleekly designed package art is pulled directly from this classic thriller and comes with this Obey warning.