Corgi NASA Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Columbia Moon Landing Command Module Die Cast Metal Space Model CS90647


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2019 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, which is responsible for the first foot Prints on the Moon, which still remain there to this day. Responsible for carrying all three astronauts and the lunar module into lunar orbit, the Apollo command module played a vital role in the Apollo 11 landings. The command module was 36 feet tall and was less than 13 feet Wide. Having taken off from Kennedy space center, Florida on July 16, 1969, it delivered its passengers to their destination in just four days. On their return to earth, The three astronauts had to spend 21 days in quarantine to ensure they hadn't contracted a 'moon disease. ' once finally released, a parade and state dinner were hosted on August 13th to celebrate the mission's success. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy had committed to seeing a man land safely on the Moon within a decade, and thus his promise to the world had been achieved.

  • "One small step for Man, One giant leap for mankind. " words spoken by Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the Moon. Those moments of the 21st of July 1969 will resonate, entertain and inspire Generations to come.
  • Corgi is proud to reintroduce this Apollo 11 commemorative model in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the scientific feat.
  • This fit the box scale model is made completely of die-cast, model is the perfect size as a desk or shelf ornament, coming with a plastic display stand. Makes a perfect gift for any person interested in space!
  • Carrying back not only the astronauts themselves and landing them safely back on earth, they also obtained the very first samples from a celestial body (47 lbs. to be exact! ) that are continuously being studied and researched.
  • Apollo 11 continues to inspire new missions as well as young minds. With Mars 2020 launching off next year, This model inspires us all to see how far we have come with science, research and space exploration.