Eric Clapton Popart Poster Print by Haiyan Art

Haiyan Art

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16 x 20.  Product Details:

Originally pastel on paper, this product is then reproduced into posters.

  The reproduced poster measures 11 x 16; it is then covered with a black border which measures 16 x 20; It is backed with a cardboard and hook cutout suitable for hanging up as is or you can supplement it with a 16 x 20 frame or another option is to remove the black border and enhance it with a frame 11 x 16 and then the entire print can be in a frame so there are several options for your beautiful popart poster print. Since this is an exact reproduction, there is also the artists' signature and year in facsimile.


  • Haiyan entered The Luxun Academy of Fine Art at the age of 16; she was the youngest student in history to enroll in the prestigious fine art college.
  • Her artistic activities in China have been reported by more than 165 news agencies including CNN Cable TV in the United States, China Central TV, Chinese press in Australia, England, Europe Times, World Women Daily, and more. Furthermore, Haiyan has also been internationally known as one of the few initiators of the Grand Exhibition of Modern Arts, China's first exhibition of modern arts, in China Art Gallery, Beijing 1989. Since then, Haiyan continued to attract worldwide attention as an outstanding artist in her Sole Exhibition of Portraits for the United Nation's Fourth World Conference on Women held in China Art Gallery, Beijing 1995.
  • Haiyan came to the United States in September of 1995, where she quickly established her reputation among thousands of local artists. In particular, her “Portraits of the Legendary” became deeply rooted into American popular culture. Not only has she been covered by local TV stations in New York and Massachusetts, Haiyan’s artwork has also appeared in local newspapers and magazines. Her sole exhibition, America Rising, was held in New York in December 2001 and aired by New York 1 Cable TV. The exhibition received the appreciation and supports from many people around the world. With the help of everyone who has supported and appreciated her paintings, Haiyan’s artwork has won over the hearts of many from all over the country.