LEGO Super Heroes - Lashina Tank



Drat! Supergirl’s phone is on alert; Lashina and the evil little Kryptomite are coming for Krypto! Close the shield on Krypto’s house to stop her stud shooter and then jump up on the roof to fire the catapult. Oh no! Lashina has captured Krypto with her whip and taken him to the cage. The blue Kryptomite gets confused easily, so help Krypto escape from the back of the tank before they take him away! Includes a Lashina mini-doll figure, plus Krypto figure and a confused blue Kryptomite. Fire the yellow ball element from Krypto's catapult at Lashina's tank. Features a tank with stud shooter and a cage in the back with removable cover to hold Krypto. Also includes a doghouse with shield that opens, fire hydrant and a catapult. Capture Krypto with Lashina's whip and put him in the back of the tank.