Marvel - Punisher Logo Bookends

Diamond Comic Distributors


Since his first appearance in 1974, Frank castle aka the Punisher has seen the worst this world has to offer and he has made it his mission to end it. Just as the Punisher wages a one-man war on crime, you can wage a one-man war on illiteracy with these new Punisher logo bookends! having these Punisher bookends on your shelf really makes a statement: you can borrow a book but you had better return it! your bookshelf needs an anti-hero and the Punisher is here to fill that void. designed and crafted by gentle giant Ltd., the hand painted Punisher logo bookends are manufactured using high quality holystone and materials. Each bookend is felt-lined and weighted to grip and keep your books upright and in pristine condition. These Punisher logo bookends are perfect for holding Comics, graphic novels, books, DVD and video games or for simply displaying them together as the iconic, classic Punisher logo!.

  • Digitally sculpted
  • Hand painted
  • Limited edition