Meccano 2 in 1 Model Kit: Eiffel Tower & Brooklyn Bridge


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Scale the heights of your imagination as you explore the real world of engineering with the Meccano Eifel Tower set. Recreate one of the world's most iconic monuments with this collectable of the famous Parisian Tower that will challenge, compel and inspire you. Using the integrated LED lights and the electronics system included in this set, you can create your very own light show to make your scale model of Paris’ most famous landmark absolutely mesmerizing! Once assembled, your famous tower can be dismantled and remodeled into another marvel of engineering: New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. Explore the mechanical wonders of the world as you recreate some of architecture's finest achievements with Meccano. Complete your collection and expand your landscape with the other sets in the series, each sold separately. The future is yours to build with Meccano!

  • 1,563 Durable metal parts, colored LEDs, a fully comprehensive electronics circuit for programming, real tools and step-by-step instructions.
  • Rebuilds into the Brooklyn Bridge, the most famous bridge in New York.
  • Eiffel Tower measures 24.5" tall. Footprint is 7.5" x 7.5" wide. Brooklyn Bridge measures 23.5" tall. Footprint is 4" wide x 11" long.
  • For ages 12 and up. Batteries not included.
  • Includes: 1563 Parts, 1 RGB LED, 8 Yellow LEDs, 2 Real Tools, 1 Instruction Sheet