Michel Design Works Glass Soap Dish, Blooms and Bees

Michel Design Works


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Michel Design Works' graceful rectangular and oval dishes are specifically designed to fit their large-size bath soap bars. Each piece of translucent lightweight glass is beautifully decorated and hand washable. Michel Design Works was created by Bruce & Deborah Michel in the early 1980s. The first product was an elaborate "memory book" called Our Country Diary. Still a favorite today, it is filled with vintage artwork, quirky quotes, notable dates and plenty of room to record all the events of the year. Our Country Diary will become a beautiful record of your family life. When they first created their signature elephant logo, it signified a remembrance of all things special. Although Michel Design Works has greatly expanded into bath & body, home fragrance and decor, when Bruce & Deborah remember and celebrate all of their wonderful customers and the company's history, it is even more fitting today! Whether you are a new or a long-time friend, we welcome you to enjoy the art, lather up with our English soaps, set an elegant table with napkins, candles, plates, and serveware, and end your day with wonderfully fragrant bubble bath.

  • Graceful curved translucent glass dish designed to pair with Michel Design Works' large soap bar
  • 4.75 X 6.25-inches
  • Contains shea butter for clean skin that feels silky smooth
  • Made in England
  • Combine with Michel Design Works' coordinated bath soaps, journals and trays to create a unique, personalized gift