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It's shipped off from Japan.

  • Parallel import goods
  • Product images by customers of your environment, it may appear to be slightly different color. Because the imported products to the outer box and the exterior, there are times when there is a scratch or dent distortion.
  • That there is no hindrance to the product itself is not a defective product, excessive nervous one seen in the part of the collector please note.honest, imported products are often when the condition is bad product compared with domestic products 
  • Since it is shipped to customers in the United States of manufacturer shipment state, it can not be returned or exchanged for reasons other than damage to the body. it is inspected visually 
  • Since the delicate goods are often from the store warehouse, we send it out firmly packing.  Our shop is a Hokkaido but will be delivered in two to seven days from the date of shipment