POP Marvel: Deadpool Vinyl Bobble-head Figure



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There's one thing that we can be absolutely sure of when you put this Deadpool figure on your desk. He won't talk back. Ever. Which is a big improvement over the real deal, because fans know if you had a miniature Deadpool at your side, he'd be running his mouth and filling your head with all kinds of nonsensical information. Which would not be a good thing if you are trying to concentrate on your job! Add this figure, and all will be quiet in your workspace... - Figure From the Manufacturer Get the Merc with a Mouth as an adorable stylized Pop. Vinyl Bobble Head. The Dead pool Marvel Pop. Vinyl Bobble Head features one of the wackiest and funniest characters to ever hit the pages of Marvel Comics, Dead pool, as a 3 3/4-inch tall bobble head. Rendered in the stylized Pop. Vinyl manner, Dead pool looks great. This is an awesome item for any fan of the Dead pool comic.

  • A classic figure
  • Supernatural
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