Super Hero Girls - DC Wonder Woman 6" Action Figure by Mattel




  • Unleash your inner hero with the Super Hero action figures inspired by the new students of DC Super Hero High!
  • Each 6-inch DC Super Hero Girls action figure is highly articulated for powerful posing and creative storytelling
  • Molded in durable plastic, they’re ready for Super Hero stunts and portable play
  • Wonder Woman is ready to save the day in her action-primed outfit (non-removable) that blends iconic elements of the original DC Super Hero character - red, white and blue; stars on her pants; and signature armor details - with modern trends
  • Includes 6-inch Wonder Woman action figure and Super Hero piece count.

Join the Super Hero Students of Super Hero High!

At Super Hero High, young Super Heroes get schooled in the art of being an amazing Super Hero -- and a remarkable human being. United by friendship, these teens -- like Bumblebee, the always-abuzz tech genius and sometimes miniature spy -- find their inner heroes and help you uncover yours, too! From routine school days to action-packed adventures, the Super Hero teens learn to master their super powers (which can be stressful) and combat the awkward moments of growing up (which can be even more stressful!).

Display Powerful Poses & Tell Adventurous Tales!

Recreate favorite moments from the web series, play out Super Hero moments from your day or imagine life for these busy teens with the DC Super Hero Girls action figures. Designed in 6-inch scale and molded durable plastic, these Super Hero figures feature lots of articulation to enable lots of flexible action. Capture a powerful pose or tell a tall tale with these action figures waiting to save the day!


Leap into Action with Action-Ready Looks!

​Each DC Super Hero Girls teen figure is ready for action dressed in her signature outfit (non-removable) with iconic accessory details. Fans will recognize the signature colors, iconic symbols and action-ready elements, like Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, Supergirl's red cape, Batgirl's utility belt, Harley Quinn's color-streaked pigtails, Bumblebee's wings and Poison Ivy's vines.