LEGO Disney: The Little Mermaid - Ariel and The Magical Spell Costruzioni



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Enter Disney Princess Ariel's secret cave and discover all the treasures she has found under the sea. Hang out with flounder and play among the rocks. Visit the sea witch Ursula in her grotto - will Ariel sign the contract and trade her voice for human legs and the chance to live above the water? Use the revolving stand to transform Ariel from a mermaid to a human and walk on her legs for the first time. Includes two mini-doll figures from Disney's the Little Mermaid: Ursula and Ariel with switchable mermaid tail or legs, plus a Flounder figure Features Ariel's Cave, Ursula's grotto and a revolving stand to reveal Ariel's human legs Ariel's cave features a sliding door function, vanity, clamshell seat, hideout for Flounder, treasure chest and a ship's wheel Ursula's grotto features a buildable crystal globe to contain Ariel's voice Accessory elements include a trident, coins, crystals, cookie, golden cup, potion bottles, lipstick, Ursula's necklace, Ursula's contract and a quill