Scalextric Justice League Batman vs Superman Battery Powered 1:64 DC Comics Superheros Slot Car Race Track Set G1151T


SKU: G1151T JL BM Vs SM Track set

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Welcome to the DC Universe! There's no end to the action and adventure you can have with the heroes of the Justice League in the new Micro Scalextric range! Who will prevail in the newest Scalextric race challenge? Will the Superman inspired red, blue and yellow race car, emblazoned with the iconic “S”, claim victory? Or will it be the sleek Batmobile that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals? This set is battery operated and takes only 6 AA batteries. Batteries are not included. Contains 8’4” of track with 4 layout options Space Required: 3’5” x 2’

  • Race head to head to catch the criminals! Who will be victorious in catching the notorious enemies of the world? Will it be Batman's black Batmobile with the iconic gold bat symbol or Superman's classic blue, yellow and red sports car With Superman's recognizable logo?
  • This battery powered set comes with plug and play technology that makes the track quick and simple to assemble and disassemble. Requires minimal storage space when packed away back into the box that it came in!
  • Contains a figure 8 layout with 3 other layout options. Track contains graphics such as sliding Skids around corners, power up arrows and skull and crossbones. With added DC cardboard cutout with the rest of the justice League!
  • Extremely robust Super resistant cars have a one piece body shell design. Build to last using highly durable materials and tough enough to withstand full impact racing. Magnets located in the chassis provide extra downforce to keep the car on the track when racing at high speeds. Cars are compatible with other 1: 64 scale tracks as well.
  • Newly designed power level controllers are light weight and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into a child's hand as well as an adult's. The power control switch allows to slow the speed down by 25%, 50%, 75% so younger children won't fly off around corners at high speeds and can slowly adjust as they improve their racing skills.