Snoopy appeared on October 4, 1950, two days after the first Peanuts strip. Fun Facts: Did you know He was originally Patty's dog before adopting Charlie Brown? (it was initially not clear who his actual owner was. The September 29, 1951 strip implied that Snoopy was owned by Shermy and another strip from 1968 was Lila for short time before returning him to the Puppy Farm) Did you know Snoopy was honored with a star? On November 2, 2015, Snoopy was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, becoming the second Peanuts-related figure to be inducted with a star, after Schulz. Did you know Snoopy is considered more famous than Charlie Brown in some countries? Since his debut on October 4, 1950, Snoopy has become one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the comic strip and is considered more famous than Charlie Brown in some countries. Did you know Snoopy has 7 siblings? In the comic strip, Snoopy has seven brothers and sisters. Five appeared at various times in the strip: four brothers, Spike, Andy, Marbles, and Olaf; and one sister, Belle. the other 2 Molly and Rover, appeared in 1991. Did you know Snoopy became the official mascot of aerospace safety? Snoopy became the official mascot of aerospace safety, testing and the rebuilding of the Apollo Program. The Apollo 10 lunar module was named Snoopy and the command module Charlie Brown. While not included in the official mission logo, Charlie Brown and Snoopy became semi-official mascots for the mission Did you know?! Snoopy and NASA announced, in April 2019, that Snoopy will return to the Moon aboard NASA Orion in 2024! **Now tell us wich fun fact did surprise you the most and get our Holiday Figurine Snoopy and Woodstock singing aroun the tree before sold out!
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